Gove wants to slow down already slow EPC upgrades for landlords.

Landlords are aware that they will probably have to upgrade their properties to meet new regulations, but don’t know what regulations, or when.

Writing in an article in the Telegraph, he said: “My own strong view is that we’re asking too much too quickly.

“We do want to move towards greater energy efficiency, but just at this point, when landlords face so much, I think that we should relax the pace that’s been set for people in the private rented sector, particularly because many of them are currently facing a big capital outlay in order to improve that efficiency.”

The move follows the drubbing last week of the Conservatives in two by-elections – and a close call in Boris Johnson’s former seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

And former Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith also says a rethink of net zero ambitions need rethinking.

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