Goodlord report that agents are bracing for landlord exit

The majority of agents surveyed by Goodlord (67%) say they expect more landlords to exit the private rented sector (PRS) this year.

This is in addition to the 28% of the 2,600 agents, landlords and tenants asked by the firm who say that more than 10% of the landlords on their books have already left the sector in the past year.

Further troubles are evident in limited stock, with 65% of agents asked saying they have run into problems regarding this issue.

More bad news for the PRS is the likely effect of the rising cost of living, which 80% of the people asked are worried about. A total of 35% of agents asked say this will have a “major and negative” impact – including a rise in arrears.

On the brighter side, just under half – 43% – of agents are either “very optimistic” or “somewhat optimistic” about the future of the sector, and only 26% say they are pessimistic, the Goodlord survey shows.



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