Generation Rent backs rent control

The Generation Rent activist group is placing significant emphasis on the upcoming Metro Mayor elections, seeing them as a crucial opportunity to advocate for pro-renter policies. Here’s a breakdown of the key points highlighted in the statement and related developments:

  1. Importance of Metro Mayor Elections: Generation Rent views the Metro Mayor elections, scheduled for May 2, as pivotal for renters, as winning candidates will have significant influence over the rental market in their respective areas. The group welcomes policy proposals from all candidates aimed at improving renters’ lives and addressing their challenges.
  2. Support for Sadiq Khan’s Proposals: Generation Rent expresses support for Sadiq Khan’s ‘New Deal for Renters,’ particularly his calls for devolution of powers to control rent rises, measures to hold landlords accountable, and increased investment to protect renters’ rights.
  3. Key Demands: The group emphasizes the need for Metro Mayor candidates to directly confront renter issues. This includes advocating for devolution of rent control and licensing powers, holding landlords accountable, and prioritizing the construction of genuinely affordable and social housing.
  4. Khan’s Election Pledge: Sadiq Khan, who is seeking re-election, has reaffirmed his commitment to advocating for rent control powers, which he believes could be achieved through the introduction of ‘rent control homes.’ These properties, funded publicly and with capped rents tied to local key worker salaries, could serve as a means to impose rent controls indirectly.
  5. Campaign Promises: Khan pledges to build at least 6,000 rent control homes if re-elected, alongside increased investment to tackle rogue landlords and implement broader reforms to protect renters’ rights. He positions himself as a champion for renters’ interests, contrasting his stance with what he perceives as the Tories’ alignment with landlord interests.

Overall, the statements from Generation Rent and Sadiq Khan underscore the pressing need for policy measures to address the challenges faced by renters, with the Metro Mayor elections representing a critical opportunity to advance pro-renter agendas.



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