Free webinars for landlords on Deposit Disputes & how to avoid them

The Deposit Protection Service is hosting two webinars this Spring to help landlords and letting agents reduce the chances of deposit disputes.

Two hour-long webinars in the coming weeks will look at, on Thursday March 31, claims about tenancy obligation breaches, including what items landlords can and cannot claim for, and supporting evidence; and on Thursday April 7, the adjudication process and associated laws and rules, how adjudicators make decisions on claims as well as factors that influence award decisions and amounts

Disagreements about claims and the prospect of arguments escalating into disputes can put significant pressure on landlords, letting agents and renters at the end of a tenancy” explains Matt Trevett, managing director at The DPS.

“Landlords who know what actions typically lead to a tenancy breach and how to calculate a resulting claim can improve their chances of an efficient and successful outcome — or  even avoid a dispute altogether.



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