Former Housing Minister claims ‘rental market broken’

Following a very small poll of landlords -  polling firm for real estate investment company Castleforge spoke with 4,162 adults but only 719 identified themselves as private tenants, Sir Bob Neill - a former minister at the Department for Communities and Local Government and now chair of the House o...

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London’s Rental Market Update

The summer lettings season in London has kicked off with a notable increase in tenant demand. According to data from...

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  1. Veronica Chalmers

    I lived in a council flat in London from birth to 23, when I obtained a mortgage. The flat was not comfortable, maintained or very affordable for us, much of that time during a Labour government. There was no central heating installed for many years. Governments cannot make property comfortable or affordable (unless subsidised) because they face the same problems as landlords, as the upkeep of a property is expensive. Businesses want profit not problems, no amount of imaginative innovation can change the rental market into a dream, easy to run and profitable scheme. Hence, the abolition of Section 21 will be an earthquake in the rental market, and cause an unfillable hole: less property and higher rents. Barnones Kenndy with her great mind knew abolition would create this chasm and then left Generation Rent, having sent people into a trance they could have security of tenure with abolition (instead they got higher rents and fewer properties). All with the potential to bring down the government who nodded their heads not seeing was what happening – or is it is me who is being too far fetched?

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