Fine and potential Rent Repayment Order for unlicensed landlord

A London landlord has been fined £1,000 for letting an unlicensed HMO in Tottenham. Having ignored numerous requests and failing to renew the licence, the landlord was issued with a penalty fee of £1,000 by Haringey council.The council has also said it will support any tenant who wishes to refer themselves to a tenancy advocacy organisation to help them to apply for a Rent Repayment Order, which would require a landlord to pay back up to 1 years rent.

The council has an aditional licensing scheme which requires any HMO landlords to hold a licence.

Cllr Dana Carlin, housing spokesperson at the council, says: “This case shows that the council will take strong action against landlords who flout the rules. Anyone letting an HMO has to have a licence – and we will enforce action against those who persistently dodge their responsibilities.

“Too often renters feel powerless and that is why licences matter. They set basic expectations and give renters much stronger rights. The council is determined to raise standards in private rented homes and licensing enforcement is key to making it happen.”



Large fine for no HMO licence

Haringey Council in London has successfully prosecuted a couple for failing to license a House in Multiple Occupation...

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