06novAll Day“Fundamentals of Becoming a Property Developer”

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What will you learn at this high-value event?

Many property investors and buy-to-let landlords consider doing their own property developments, either to sell or to retain as rental properties, because it’s seen as an easy way to make more profit. The reality is quite different.

Whilst there are tremendous opportunities to make substantial money in property development either by trading in and out of projects or by creating your ideal rental portfolio from scratch, the risks are not insignificant.

This day is designed to help you decide if you have what it takes to do your own developments.

The speakers, who are all experts in their own fields, have been briefed to be honest about the opportunities and brutal about the potential pitfalls. By the end fo the day you’ll know for certain whether property development is right for you if you decide it is, you’ll also be far better-equipped to get started on the right track.

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