Estimated number of leasehold dwellings 2019 to 2020– England

MHCLG has published statistics which provide an estimate of the number of leasehold dwellings in England, by tenure, dwelling type and region. In 2019-20:

  • There were an estimated 4.6 million leasehold dwellings in England. This equates to 19 per cent of the English housing stock. Of these, 2.6 million dwellings (56 per cent) were in the owner occupied sector and 1.8 million (39 per cent) were privately owned and let in the private rented sector. The remaining 269,000 (6 per cent) were dwellings owned by social landlords and let in the social rented sector.
  • More than two-thirds (68 per cent, 3.2 million) of the leasehold dwellings in England were flats; 32 per cent (1.5 million) were houses.
  • At regional level, London and the North West had the highest proportion of leasehold dwellings, at 34 per cent and 31 per cent respectively, while the East Midlands had the lowest (9 per cent).

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