Council’s civil penalty threat over electrical safety in rental properties

Bury council in Greater Manchester has adopted new measures to fine agents or landlords up to £30,000 if their properties fail electrical safety standards introduced in the private rental sector in June of last year.Regulations now apply to all tenancies in England and require landlords or their agents to have the electrical installations in properties inspected and tested by a qualified and competent person every five years at least; a copy of the electrical safety report must be given to the tenants, and to the local authority if requested.Not all councils have adopted the £30,000 penalty, but Bury has now done so following a report by Councillor Clare Cummins.

She says: “The additional provision to impose a fine up to £30,000 sends a strong message to any rogue landlord that substandard property conditions and unsafe electrical installations will not be tolerated.

“The council has the power to require landlords to ensure that national standards for electrical safety are met and ensure all electrical installations in their rented properties are inspected and tested every five years.

“The council intends to use its powers, reclaim costs of taking action where necessary and impose civil penalties up to £30,000.”



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