Council guarantees up to 6 months rent

Lichfield Council, in Staffordshire is seriously concerned about finding accommodation and provide support for people who are sleeping rough or at risk of becoming homeless.They have joined forces with a local housing association and together they are calling on landlords across the area to lease one or more of their houses or flats to the housing association, so it can manage the property while supporting vulnerable members of the community.

Benefits include a guaranteed monthly income for the term of the lease, no fees to pay or lease documentation to fill out, regular property checks, full repairs management, and a return on investment while supporting the local community.Housing lead councillor Angela Lax says: “We are on a mission to make rough sleeping in the district a thing of the past and are working to buy four local properties that [the association] would manage. However, in the meantime we need more private properties for our housing partner to lease.”

She adds: “To help encourage more landlords to come forward, we are using some of the government funding we received to tackle homelessness, to offer landlords up to six months’ rental income in advance. We hope this will boost the number of properties we have available and provide homes for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

“On top of rental income and managing the property, [the association] also provides an outreach service to the residents to make sure they get the support they need to make living in their new home a success.”




Private landlords could receive between three and six months’ rent in advance by putting their properties forward to help people who have nowhere else to go.

The council at Lichfield in Staffordshire is working with a local housing association to find accommodation and provide support for people who are sleeping rough or at risk of becoming homeless.



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