Conservative manifesto launched

The Conservative manifesto for the 2024 election includes several key policies aimed at addressing housing, taxation, crime, defence, education, climate change, welfare, social housing, healthcare, social care, and migration. Here’s a breakdown of the main points:

  1. Housing:
    • Help to Buy scheme: Revival to assist first-time buyers with equity loans.
    • Stamp duty: Permanent threshold of £425,000 for first-time buyers.
    • Renters: Ban on no-fault evictions and a two-year tax break for landlords selling to existing tenants.
  2. Taxation:
    • Self-employed: Abolition of National Insurance contributions.
    • Pensioners: Increase in personal tax-free allowance.
    • Tax cuts: Funded by crackdowns on tax avoidance and cuts to welfare.
  3. Crime and Prisons:
    • Tougher sentences: For knife crime, grooming, and assaults on retail workers.
    • New prison places: Addressing overcrowding with plans for new places and more community police officers.
  4. Migration:
    • Rwanda flights: Regular flights for asylum seekers.
    • Legal cap on migration: Annual fixed number of visas.
  5. Defense:
    • Spending: Increase to 2.5% of GDP by 2030.
  6. Education:
    • University courses: Closure of low-quality degrees.
    • Apprenticeships: 100,000 extra annually.
    • Schools: Ban on mobile phones during school hours.
  7. Climate Change:
    • Net zero: Commitment without new green charges.
    • Renewables: Acceleration of renewable energy projects.
  8. Welfare and Civil Service:
    • Savings: £12bn from welfare reform and £3.9bn from cutting civil service numbers.
    • NHS managers: Reduction by 5,500.
  9. Social Housing:
    • Anti-social tenants: Three-strikes policy for eviction.
    • Allocation: New tests to ensure fair allocation.
  10. Healthcare:
  • Dentists: Tying new dentists to NHS work post-qualification.
  • New hospitals: Continued commitment to building new hospitals.
  1. Social Care:
  • Care cost cap: Introduction of an £86,000 lifetime cap on care costs.

These policies are designed to address current social, economic, and political issues with a focus on promoting home ownership, supporting the self-employed, and toughening crime and immigration policies, among other goals.



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