Comparison of Labour and Conservative Manifestos for the 2024 General Election

Tax Policies

  • Labour:
    • Plans to raise £8.6 million by 2028-29.
    • Revenue from private schools, non-doms, and a windfall tax on oil and gas giants.
    • No increase in National Insurance, income tax, or VAT.
  • Conservatives:
    • Proposes various tax cuts, including a 2% cut to NI.
    • Abolishing NI for four million self-employed workers.
    • Abolishing stamp duty for first-time buyers on homes worth up to £425,000.


  • Labour:
    • Pledges to reduce net migration.
    • Plans to reform the points-based system and upskill British workers.
    • Ban on employers breaching employment law from recruiting overseas workers.
  • Conservatives:
    • Introduction of a “binding, legal” annual cap on visas.
    • Annual parliamentary vote on visa numbers.
    • Increase salary requirements for skilled workers annually.

Tackling Small Boats

  • Labour:
    • Opposes the Rwanda scheme.
    • Proposes a new Border Security Command with enhanced investigative capabilities.
    • Seeks new security agreements with the EU for joint investigations.
  • Conservatives:
    • Supports the Rwanda scheme and continuous removal of illegal migrants.
    • Suggests prioritizing UK border security over ECHR membership.
    • Plans additional returns deals with other countries.


  • Labour:
    • Aims to cut waiting lists to a maximum of 18 weeks.
    • Proposes 40,000 extra appointments weekly.
    • Plans to train more GPs and overhaul the appointment system.
    • Dentistry Rescue Plan for urgent appointments and children’s dental care.
  • Conservatives:
    • Pledges 92,000 more nurses and 28,000 more doctors.
    • Additional 2.5 million dental appointments.
    • Increase NHS spending above inflation annually.
    • Emphasis on productivity and community diagnostic centres.

Education and Childcare

  • Labour:
    • Recruit 6,500 more teachers and mental health specialists.
    • Free breakfast clubs in primary schools.
    • 3,000 new primary school-based nurseries.
    • Review of parental leave system.
  • Conservatives:
    • Bonuses for new teachers in priority areas.
    • Create 100,000 more apprenticeships by 2029.
    • Largest ever childcare expansion for children from nine months old.


  • Labour:
    • Path to 2.5% GDP spending on defence.
    • Commitment to nuclear deterrent as “absolute”.
  • Conservatives:
    • Increase military spending to 2.5% GDP by 2030.
    • £3 billion annually to support Ukraine.
    • Reinstate National Service for school leavers.

Energy and Net Zero

  • Labour:
    • Clean power by 2030.
    • New publicly-owned energy company, Great British Energy.
    • No new North Sea oil and gas licenses but will honour existing ones.
  • Conservatives:
    • Annual licensing rounds for North Sea oil and gas.
    • Triple offshore wind capacity.
    • Support for onshore wind with local consent.
    • Reduce household green levies.

The Labour manifesto focuses on wealth creation, investment in green technologies, and extensive social reforms, while the Conservative manifesto emphasizes tax cuts, migration control, and a balanced approach to net-zero goals. Both parties offer robust healthcare and education plans but differ significantly in their approach to immigration and energy policy.



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