CIEH worried about losing Selective Licensing

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) is raising concerns about the potential impact of the Renters Reform Bill on local council licensing regimes. They argue that an amended version of the bill could threaten the existence of these licensing schemes, which they view as valuable tools for improving housing standards.

The proposed Property Portal, a major component of the bill, is seen by the government as a more efficient and uniform way of managing rental properties. However, the CIEH believes that this portal does not adequately replace the role of local council licensing.

Selective licensing schemes allow local housing authorities to designate specific areas for regulation, enabling them to inspect privately rented housing, enforce conditions, and address issues without relying solely on tenant complaints. The CIEH argues that licensing provides a vital means of ensuring housing standards are met and problems are addressed proactively.

According to Louise Hosking, Executive Director of the CIEH, the Property Portal, while collecting valuable information, does not fulfill the same function as licensing schemes. Therefore, she believes that the Renters Reform Bill should not undermine the use of licensing as a tool for improving housing standards, but rather remove barriers to its effective implementation.

In essence, the CIEH is advocating for the retention and support of local council licensing regimes alongside the introduction of the Property Portal, emphasizing the complementary roles these mechanisms can play in ensuring quality rental accommodation.



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