Chief executive of Purplebricks has criticized the Conservative Party

Sam Mitchell, the chief executive of Purplebricks, has criticized the Conservative Party for what he perceives as their role in exacerbating the UK’s housing crisis. Mitchell’s comments come in response to recent remarks from Housing Secretary Michael Gove, who highlighted concerns about prospective first-time buyers facing obstacles such as housing shortages, high deposits, and rising rents, which could lead to disillusionment with democracy.

Mitchell attributes the lack of housing stock in the UK, in part, to the policies of successive Conservative-led governments, spanning back to Margaret Thatcher’s tenure in the 1980s. He specifically criticizes the mass sell-off of council houses during that time, arguing that the government failed to implement initiatives to offset the long-term impact on housing stock.

Furthermore, Mitchell emphasizes the challenges faced by first-time buyers in saving for a deposit, particularly in the face of skyrocketing rents. He suggests that this situation has led to fewer first-time buyers and an increasing number of young people living with their families for longer periods.

In response to Gove’s hints at potential measures in the upcoming Budget to address housing issues, Mitchell calls for clarity and commitment from the government to build new homes, including a significant social housing building program. He believes that such initiatives would alleviate pressure on the private rented sector, normalize rents, and expand housing choices for tenants.

Regarding Gove’s statements about potential Budget measures, he mentioned the possibility of low deposits and government-backed mortgage guarantees to assist first-time buyers. Additionally, changes to Stamp Duty were suggested as a means of further support. Gove also confirmed plans to abolish Section 21 powers for landlords and allocate resources to ensure effective enforcement by the courts



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