Industry reacts to Housing Policies

The UK's three major political parties have each proposed distinct strategies to tackle the country's housing shortage and facilitate homeownership. Here's a detailed breakdown of their pledges and approaches: Conservative Party Pledge: Deliver 1.6 million homes over...

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Manifestos by party

Here is a summary of the key points from the major parties' manifestos for the 2024 UK General Election: Conservative Party Economy: Increase the personal tax-free allowance for pensioners and a new "triple lock plus" for pensions. Build 1.6 million new homes and...

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Comparison of major manifestos

Here’s a summary of the key points from the manifestos released by the major parties ahead of the UK election on July 4, 2024: Economy, Tax, and Spending Labour: Proposes £7.4bn in tax increases, including VAT on private school fees, tightening non-dom taxation, and...

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Green Party’s Housing Manifesto

Key Points from the Green Party’s Housing Manifesto: Abolition of No-Fault Evictions: Tenant Security: The Green Party plans to eliminate no-fault evictions to ensure tenants have more stable and secure housing. Rent Controls: Affordable Rents: The introduction of...

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Labours housing pledges

Key Points from Labour’s Housing Manifesto: Abolition of Section 21 Evictions: Immediate Action: Labour pledges to eliminate Section 21 'no fault' evictions, providing more security for private renters. Regulation Overhaul: Enhancements in the regulation of the...

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