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‘Mortgage Prisoners’ go to court

Around 2,500 former Northern Rock customers are set to confront TSB in court, claiming they became "mortgage prisoners" after the UK lender's collapse. These customers allege that they were trapped into paying significantly higher than market interest rates after...

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Inflation rate down

The latest inflation data for June 2024 provides a detailed picture of price changes in the UK economy: Overall Inflation Rates CPIH (Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers' housing costs): Annual Rate: Increased by 2.8% in the 12 months to June 2024, the...

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Halifax House Price Index for June 2024

The Halifax House Price Index for June 2024 can be seen here, and the key statistics are: Average House Price: £288,455 (compared to £288,931 in May) Monthly Change: -0.2% Quarterly Change: -0.5% Annual Change: +1.6% Commentary from Amanda Bryden, Head of Mortgages,...

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New Housing Secretary appointed

Following the General Election, Angela Rayner has been appointed Levelling Up Secretary with responsibility for housing - a role she has in addition to being Deputy Prime Minister. There is no news yet on who the housing minister will be - a key role for implementing...

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