Probate applications increase by 12%

Research by Final Duties, a probate broker, indicates that the timeline for probate applications in the UK has stretched to 12 weeks, reflecting a 152% increase since the beginning of 2023. Analysis of UK Government data for Q3 2023 reveals an average (median) of 12...

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ONS reports record rises in rent

The Office for National Statistics reports a record 6.1% annual increase in private rents in England in 2023, reflecting the sharpest rise on record. Wales experienced the highest annual rent increase in Britain at 7.1%, followed by Scotland at 6.2%, and London at...

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Landlords rush to auction as profits crash

The Telegraph are running an article on landlords ‘flocking to auction houses in search of a quick sale after tax changes and rising interest rates killed off their profits.’ It can be seen here (subscription might be required), and goes on to say that ‘A series of...

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Don’t forget insurance

The Telegraph has run a piece stating 'Eviction delays in the wake of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis are driving a surge in demand for rent insurance as landlords scramble to protect themselves against soaring arrears.' The whole article can be seen here,...

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