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Portfolio landlords will remain

Findings from Zero Deposit show that despite various legislative changes under the Conservative government, 82% of landlords have kept their buy to let portfolio unchanged. Key Findings from Zero Deposit Research: Stable Buy-to-Let Portfolios: 82% Stability: Despite...

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Holiday Lets seem to be diminishing

Analysis of the UK Short-Term Rental Market by lettings and estate agent Benham and Reeves looked at key market metrics across popular holiday destinations: Market Overview: Increase in Listings: There is a noticeable rise in short-term rental listings across the UK,...

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Berkeley Homes to add BTR

Analysis of Berkeley Group's New Strategy and Market Context The FT has just reported that Berkley Homes is moving into Buy To Rent (BTR). The article can be seen here, and says: Shift to Build to Rent (BTR): Strategy Announcement: Berkeley Group plans to build and...

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Gove to be evicted

As the Secretary of State for Housing, Michael Gove has faced numerous challenges addressing the UK's housing crisis. However, he now finds himself potentially without a home as of July 5, the day after the general election. Gove has been residing at One Carlton...

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