Green issues

MPs call for tax relief for EPC upgrades.

Conservative MPs from the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) are urging the government to provide tax relief to private landlords who enhance their rental properties' energy efficiency. Here's a summary of their key points: Reducing Energy Bills and Gas Reliance:...

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Landlords still making EPC upgrades

Despite the government's decision to abandon proposals for minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES), many landlords are still taking proactive steps to make their properties more environmentally friendly. Here's a summary of the key points: Landlord Initiatives:...

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Possible new EPC

There are important proposed changes in the energy efficiency assessment process for homes, replacing the existing Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with a new Home Energy Model. Here's a breakdown of the key points: Changes in Assessment Process: The current...

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Energy efficiency of UK homes

The House of Commons Library has released a briefing focusing on the United Kingdom's progress in enhancing energy efficiency. The report can be seen here, and highlights several key points regarding the progress and challenges of improving energy efficiency in UK...

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