Can you prevent a tenant from having a pet?

The House of Commons Library has published a paper on keeping pets.

It can be seen here, and says:

The tenancy agreement (contract) might say pets are not allowed. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 prohibits “unfair terms” in a contract. This means a blanket ban on keeping pets in a tenancy agreement might be struck out if challenged in court.

Alternatively, the tenancy agreement might say the landlord’s permission should be sought if the tenant intends to keep a pet. In this case, the landlord’s permission should not be unreasonably refused. What amounts to a reasonable refusal will vary with the circumstances. For example, it might be reasonable to refuse permission to keep a large dog in a small flat.

The tenancy agreement might not mention pets, in which case it will likely be harder for landlords to argue that pets are not allowed.

Landlords cannot charge a fee for agreeing to a request to keep a pet and cannot ask for a higher deposit if this would breach the deposit cap requirements in the Tenant Fees Act 2019 (see page 41 of Tenant Fees Act – Tenant Guidance.pdf).



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