Call For Tax Incentives for Green Upgrades In Buy-To-Let Properties

Heather Powell of Blick Rothenberg is urging the government to introduce tax incentives for buy-to-let landlords to enhance the energy efficiency of their rental properties. She emphasizes the importance of this move as higher energy efficiency standards are set to be imposed from April 2025. Powell suggests that tax relief on improvements could motivate landlords to upgrade their properties, aligning with the government’s goal of reaching Carbon Zero by 2050.

The proposal aims to address concerns over rising energy costs, which impact renters across the UK. Research from NatWest and S&P Global shows that renters are anticipating higher monthly expenses and are calling for landlords to implement energy-saving modifications. These changes are seen as crucial for controlling energy bills and improving insulation in rental accommodations.

Lloyd Cochrane, Head of Mortgages at NatWest, highlights the challenges of cost and disruption for homeowners and landlords in making sustainable upgrades. He notes the increasing demand from renters for energy-efficient rental units.

With the Spring Budget approaching, attention is on potential policy changes to support Carbon Zero targets and address cost-of-living challenges. Powell’s recommendations offer a path forward to make energy-efficient housing more accessible and affordable for both landlords and tenants.



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