Building safety: Levelling-Up Committee

On 11 March 2022 the Commons Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee published a report that finds that too many leaseholders will fall through the cracks of the Government’s “piecemeal measures” to protect leaseholders from the costs of building safety remediation. The report features a series of recommendations for Government, including calls to:

  • Scrap the proposed cap on non-cladding costs for leaseholders
  • Implement a Comprehensive Building Safety Fund to cover the costs of remediating all building safety defects on any buildings of any height where the original “polluter” cannot be traced
  • Compensate leaseholders for costs already paid out, including for interim measures and for rises in insurance premiums
  • Require all relevant parties who played a role in the building safety crisis to contribute to funds for remediation
  • Ensure the Affordable Homes Programme is protected at its current level and that social housing tenants do not pay the price through costs or diversion of funds away from maintaining their homes or other vital services.

For the report, click here. For comment by the Chair, click here.



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