Be aware when booking a court for a Section 8 using the online form.

We had a member fill in the S8 online today, and they have been given a date for December 24th at 7:00 am!

On querying with a solicitor, we were advised:

The Court is not open at 7.00amm, and I am not sure it is open on Christmas Eve either. We have received a number of letters from PCOL after issuing online warning us that a hearing date has only been included on the claim form as their internal administrative procedure needs them to set a hearing date to issue the claim without conversing with the Court that the hearing will take place at first. As such they list them at times the Court is not open and send out these warning letters.

It might be prudent to warn that member that it seems unlikely that their hearing will take place at that date and time, and they shouldn’t be surprised if they received a new notice of hearing for a later date.




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