Average rental yields jump to almost 7% in England and Wales

has published an article in the BuyAssociation starting ‘Three areas in particular have seen rental yields surge – Wales, the north west and Yorkshire and the Humber – pushing up the average for buy-to-let landlords.’

You can access the full article here,stating that the UK buy-to-let market continues to see an increase in rental yields, with an average of 6.9%, up by 0.3% from the same period in the previous year.

The surge in rental yields is notable in three regions: Wales, the North West, and Yorkshire & Humber, contributing to the overall rise.  Wales now has the highest average rental yields, reaching 8.9%, following a 2.2% increase between Q4 2022 and Q4 2023.  Liverpool stands out as the highest-yielding location in the UK, while Manchester’s surrounding areas also generate healthy yields due to lower property prices and strong rental demand.

Despite small declines in rental yields in some regions like the North East, East Midlands, and the South West, the overall market remains strong.  The stable portfolios of landlords indicate consistent investment activity, with the number of investment properties staying at 12 on average.  The average loan size for mortgages decreased slightly, from £187,000 to £175,000, but the number of mortgages for purchases increased by 2%.

While 2023 presented challenges for landlords, the easing of mortgage rates and increased rental yields may contribute to a positive start to 2024.



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