Additional HMO Licensing scheme for Greenwich

Greenwich had an Additional HMO licensing scheme from 1st October 2017 to 30 Sept 2022. In spite of there being no review, or report of the current scheme, they are they are consulting on a new scheme click here

We have written to them requesting the justification they have to run another scheme immeditely after the last one.

The actual letter can be seen here, and says:

We note that your website is stating that you are proposing to introduce another five-year Additional Licensing Scheme from April 2023.  This is following the previous scheme that ended 30 September 2022.

We would be pleased if you could supply us with the following information required under the Housing Act 2004 (the Act):

  • Section 57 of the Act requires you to ensure ‘that any exercise of the power is consistent with the authority’s overall housing strategy’and that you ‘must also seek to adopt a co-ordinated approach in connection with dealing with homelessness, empty properties and anti-social behaviour affecting the private rented sector.
    We would therefore like to see your justification for proposing another scheme when you have just finished a 5-year scheme.
  • Section 60 (3) of the Act states ‘A local housing authority must from time to time review the operation of any designation made by them.’  We would therefore be pleased to see any, and all interim and final report of the scheme that ended 30 September 2022, including:
    • number of licences issued
    • number of properties surveyed during this period
    • number of properties issued with notices, and what type of notices issued
    • how many (if any) category 1 HHSRS matters were reported

There cannot be any basis for not providing us with a copy of the abovementioned information/ documentation and as the information we have requested is readily available to you, we would be grateful if you provide us with a response by 4pm on February 6th, 2023.  If you are unwilling to provide the information requested, we will make a Freedom of Information Request.

We welcome your response by February 6th, 2023 and thank you for your assistance in this matter.




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