Howz Landlords Association is a not for profit association, existing to help landlords run their business.To this end we have all the documents you will require (in the members only section); plus all the assistance you require.

This assistance is the forms of:-

  • a help line, manned by people who have first hand experience in the advice they are dispensing.  If they don’t immediately know the answer, some-one will.
  • representation to government;
  • discounted insurance via our insurance partner, Alan Boswell ;
  • insurance to cover the cost of defending an HMRC investigation;
  • and so the benefits go on.

iHowz can trace its routes back to 1974, when a group of landlords got together in Brighton to represent landlords views with Brighton Council.

Over the years it grew, initially named the Southern Private Landlords Association (SPLA), it became Southern Landlords Association (SLA) in 2009, before be rebranded as iHowz in 2018.

Why not email us, or ring on 01732 56 56 01 for more information.

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