6 month notice period extended in Wales

Over the weekend the Welsh government has took the industry by surprise by extending the period during which landlords must give tenants six months’ notice prior to an eviction until March 24 next year.It has been due to finish at the end of this month but Welsh Government housing and climate minister Julie James has used powers under the country’s Covid legislation to extend the eviction regulations.

The purpose of this alteration is to ensure that, at a time when there remains a serious threat to public health, both as a result of Covid-19 case rates remaining high overall and concern regarding the emergence of the new Omicron variant, landlords will continue to be required to provide an increased notice period to tenants before they can issue proceedings for possession” she says.



New How to Rent Guide issued

The new How to Rent Guide has been issued today (Monday October 2nd 2023).  It can be seen here. The latest update is...

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