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Breathing Space – how will it affect landlords and tenants?

Course for:   all landlords

Content:    If your tenants appear to be unsure of what they are doing, and even worse, if they are building up arrears, they might be able to get a moratorium on increasing their debt, including paying their rent.


How to handle rent arrears, especially during Covid

Course for:   all landlords

Content:  So often landlord are unsure the exact procedure on how to handle the problem of tenants rent arrears, especially during the Covid Pandemic.

In this ½ day course we will take you through the correct procedures, which will frequently mean you won’t have to resort to court thus saving you extra cost, and you and the tenant stress.


Leasehold Disputes – CPD training (a MUST for leasehold landlords)

Course for:   Owners of leasehold properties and freeholders controlling leases.

Content:    Are your service charges demands overinflated?

Has the demand been issued correctly?

Has the managing agent complied with all required leasehold legislation?

Find out on the CPD course:-

How to understand your obligations

What you can do if you have been treated unfairly

And if not resolved, how to apply to a first tier tribunal for a determination


Tenancy Deposits and Disputes

Course for:   Any landlord intending to dispute any damage caused to their property by their tenant.

Content:    Find how:-

  • How to conduct a professional check out and compile a written check out report
  • Determining what constitutes ‘fair wear and tear’
  • What should be classed as ‘damage’ by the tenant
  • Which issues should be regarded as the landlord’s maintenance obligations
  • Avoiding ‘betterment’
  • How to determine costs for damage, replacement, cleaning, missing items, redecoration, etc
  • Negotiating with the tenant to reach an amicable settlement
  • What information is required by the relevant Deposit Scheme
  • How should such information be presented
  • Timescales – how soon can a landlord instigate a claim
  • How long do the schemes take to make a final decision
  • When can a landlord make a formal appeal against a Deposit Scheme adjudication




Successful Inventories/Check Outs

Course for:   Any landlord intending to carry out their own inventories and check-in; checkouts, and midterm checks.

Content:    Find how:-

  • Ensure your inventories won’t let you down at the end of a tenancy.
  • How to capture and present all relevant information in the inventory report
  • The importance of detailing cleanliness and condition
  • Meter readings, keys and appliance manuals
  • Conducting the check out and compiling a report sufficient for ADR purposes
  • How to define landlord maintenance issues versus tenant damage
  • What constitutes ‘fair wear and tear’
  • The importance of photographic evidence of dilapidations
  • Apportioning landlord or tenant liability


Immigration Checks – Right to Rent

Course for:   All landlords .

Content:    Find how who they are allowed to let to:-

  • Landlords don’t get caught out with a hefty fine.
  • When does a landlord need to make an Immigration Check
  • Do all tenants require Immigration Checks
  • Do children require Immigration Checks
  • How long does the process take
  • What information is required
  • How does a landlord find and document the relevant information
  • What are the penalties for failing to comply with Immigration legislation


Tax/Accounts Course

Course for:   All landlords intending to submit their own tax returns.

Content:    Ensure you are prepared for the imminent tax changes the Government is introducing to ensure you don’t get caught out with massive tax bills

Early planning can be vital, so don’t leave this course too late.


Guide for HMO Management

Course for:   All landlords and agents running an HMO.  You will be surprised how often you are running an HMO, and don’t realise.

Content:    Understand exactly what an HMO is; the chances of getting it wrong and the potential for penalties.

Also, what are the chances of not being to even run an HMO?

You will be surprised what this ½ day course covers.




Serving a Section 8 notice

Course for:   Any landlord or agent wanting to end their tenancy without incurring problems.

Content:    Many landlords are worried about using a Section 8 notice, because they perceive it as being complicated.  You will need to know how to serve a Section 8 correctly if the Government abolish the Section 21.

This ½ day course will take you through every step.


Serving a Section 21 notice

Course for:   Any landlord or agent wanting to end their tenancy without incurring problems.

Content:    Too often landlords serve a Section 21 incorrectly and it can get thrown out at court, leading to considerable delays, and expense.

This ½ day course will take you through every step.



Guide to different Types of Tenancy Agreements

Course for:   Any landlord or agent wanting to find about different letting agreements.

Content:    The majority of agreements are Assured Shorthold Tenancies (AST’s) but there are a variety of ways that these can be issued.

Additionally there are other types of agreements that you might need to use.

This ½ day course is packed with information on Assured Shorthold Tenancies, Common Law Tenancies and Licence Agreements


Guide for Ending a Tenancy

Course for:   Any landlord or agent wanting to end their tenancy without incurring problems.

Content:    Many of the questions on Help Lines are on how to legally end a tenancy.  The simple answer is correctly!  Ending a tenancy starts with starting, and running the let correctly; ending is then much more straightforward.

Unfortunately it is easy to get it wrong.

Come to the ½ day course and find how to get it right; which forms to issue; how complete them fully,  how/when to go to court; how to successfully get the property back – and especially what not to do.


Residential landlord

Course for:   all residential landlords

Content:   Being a Residential landlord carries different regulations and liabilities than a normal PRS landlord.

This ½ day course will take you through them, pointing the advantages and disadvantages.

Legionella Issues in Rental Accommodation

Course for:   All landlords offering a letting agreement.

Content:    Ensure you understand what the law requires from you on this matter?  Come on this ½ day CPD course and find out:-

  • How to ensure legionella issues will not cause a problem to you;
  • The simple checks you must carry out, document, and when to do them
  • How to avoid a fine, or a hefty damages claim from an affected tenant.




Guide for letting in to the Housing Benefit market

Course for:   All landlords and agents offering a letting agreement.

Content:    If the benefits system works correctly you might have a Benefit Tenant, and not even know it.

Come and find out about the latest updates to constant changing legislation re Housing Benefit/Universal Credit Tenants.

Don’t ignore the benefits system, especially the new Universal Credit system.  When it works correctly you might have a benefits tenant and not even know it!


Housing Health and Safety Rating System

Course for:   All landlords and agents offering a letting agreement.

Content:    Ensure you know and understand the law regarding your responsibilities in rental accommodation to ensure you comply with the latest Health and Safety legislation.

Avoid unnecessary investigations from your local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) by ensuring you discharge your legal duties.


Fire Safety issues – how to conduct a Fire Risk assessment.

Course for:   All landlords and agents offering a letting agreement.

Content:    The number of deaths from fires continues to fall, but that is no reason for landlords to ignore this potential threat.

Could you live yourself if a property you run has a fire that could have been avoided?  Come on this ½ day course and find how to minimise the risk from a fire.


Housing and Planning Act – 2016

Course for:   All landlords and agents offering a letting agreement.

Content:    This important Act came into being in 2016 and was enacted during 2017.  You need to know what it covers, especially the new enforcement regimes.


Planning your exit strategy

Course for:   All landlords.

Content:    If you are seriously thinking of stopping being a landlord you need to attend this course to ensure you will not get any nasty surprises.






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