Banning Orders confirmed

Published on Thu, 1st Feb 2018 15:02

The Government have announced that the database of banned landlords and agents will become law in April.

The updated legislation will result in landlords and agents who are convicted of a banning order offence being prohibited from working in the lettings market, whether as a landlord, letting agent, or working as part of a property management team.

Some of the most common banning order offences are:

  • Unlawful eviction and harassment of occupier

  • Violence for securing entry

  • Failing to comply with an improvement notice

  • Offences in relation to House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licensing

  • gas safety and fire safety offences

  • Harassment and stalking

  • Theft, burglary, blackmail and handling stolen goods

 We have previously reported on this at the end of December - see here.