Ban on tenant fees WILL raise rents

Published on Tue, 9th Jan 2018 15:24

The DCLG Select Committee is hearing expert opinion on the proposed ban on agent fees.

The committee yesterday (Jan 8th) heard evidence from Shelter’s Head of Policy Kate Webb, the University of York’s Centre for Housing Policy Dr Julie Rugg and Professor Ian Loveland from the City Law School.

The debate discussed how legally binding this legislation might be; if so, the likelihood of Local Authorities policing it – in light of everything else they are being asked to do; and the perceived weakness in the proposed Housing Court/Tribunal (details yet to be seen).

The feeling from the experts was that tenants would lose out, either by increased rent to cover the landlords extra costs; and/or decreased services.

For more background see here.  To sign a petition asking to reverse this bill see here.