Finally we have a Housing Minister

Published on Tue, 13th Jun 2017 07:30

Alok Sharma, Reading West MP, will replace Gavin Barwell who was made Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister after losing his Croydon seat.

Sharma, 49, was previously a minister at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is a qualified accountant.

He is the 15th housing minister since 1997 and the sixth to take the role since the Conservatives came to power in 2010.

The two questions are, will Mr Sharma be able to make any amendments to the vague Housing White Paper; this is doubtful as his boss Sajid Javid was thought to be the driving force.  Secondly will he get a seat at the cabinet as housing is so important - again doubtful.

The SLA will try to work with Mr Sharma, as they did with Mr Barwell.