Will you be allowed to let your property after next April?

Published on Mon, 9th Oct 2017 12:00

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards       

We have been warning you that it might be impossible for you to rent your property after April next year (2018).

The Government have now published a guide regarding the minimum energy efficiency of rental property – it can be found here.

In brief:-

·         you will not be allowed to start a new let after April 1st 2018 if your property has an EPC rating < E (i.e. F or G);

·         exemptions will apply:-

·         where it is not possible to make any improvements to the property to bring it to E;

·         the recommended improvement cannot be financed at no cost to the landlord;

·         the recommended wall cladding is inappropriate for the building;

·         it’s not been possible to get third party consent – e.g. the tenant; freeholder/maintenance company; mortgage company, etc.;

·         required works would devalue the property;

·         an epc is not required, typically an HMO only ever let on individual agreements.

See the guide for more details on these.

This legislation will then apply to ALL lets from April 2020, unless the property has been continually let since before October 2008. 

So make sure you read your EPC NOW.

There are schemes to assist with this.  In Kent visit the Warm Home Scheme

Note that the Green Deal has also been resurrected, and can be found here.  This is a scheme whereby improvements can be made at no up-front cost to the landlord.  The Green Deal loan repayments come from the energy bills - i.e. the tenant pays it.  Note however that you have to inform current and prospective tenants if you have work done under the Green Deal.