Rate revaluation for development properties

Published on Thu, 18th May 2017 13:14

There has been a recent court case regarding the rateable value of a property being re-developed.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that a Sunderland property should not have been charged business rates as if it were fully usable when it was undergoing refurbishment. Instead, the court ruled, the property should have been valued at the nominal sum of £1, resulting in a much-reduced rates bill.


The full details can be seen here, but in summary the builder (SJ & J Monk) had applied for a reduction in rates whilst they were working on a property, and it was therefore uninhabitable.   The VOA (Value Office Agency) insisted it kept the full rates.


This overturns an Appeal Court case, who had agreed with the VOA.  Note that the BPF, of whom we are members assitsed with this case.


If you have a property that is uninhabitable because of the work being carried out, request a re-valuation for rate.