Extending mandatory licensing in England and Wales

Published on Tue, 18th Oct 2016 13:16

The Government has released a consultation about extending mandatory licensing.  The consultation can been seen here.

It is recommending:-

   1)  extending mandatory licensing to

           a) all properties having 5 (or more) occupants not related; sharing vital facilties;

           b) all flats, if the flat is:-

                   i) in a converted building;

                    ii) has commercial units above or below the flat.

   2) a mandatory condition is added to any licensed property precribing minimum room sizes:-

            a) 6.52 sq metres for one person;

             b) 10.23 sq metres for two persons

The SLA will be making representation about this; but it is strongly recommended all landlords partake individually as the Government will respond to private landlords.


The deadline is December 13th, so there is very little time.