English Housing Survey 2016 to 2017

Published on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 11:44

The English Housing Survey was published today (July 12th)

 The report can be seen here, but in summary:-

private rented sector 
In 2016-17, 4.7 million households were renting in the private sector. This represents 20% of all households in England. The sector has more than doubled in size since 1996-97. The sector grew a little between 1996-97 and 2006-07, but growth accelerated after 2006-07, with over two million additional households added to the sector. However, growth appears to have slowed in more recent years. 

the MHCLG published data on:-

social and private renters 
demographic and economic data on social and private renters, including tables on: demographic and economic characteristics of renters; accommodation characteristics; rents and housing benefit; and types of letting.

attitudes and satisfaction
levels of public satisfaction with housing and community issues, including tables on: satisfaction with local area and accommodation; problems in local area; feelings of safety in home and local area; and satisfaction with landlord repairs and maintenance. 

new households and recent movers
the mobility, demographics and tenancies of new households and ones that have recently moved, including tables on: mobility among all households; length of residence; demographic characteristics of movers; movement between tenures; movement into and out of tenures; and tenancy deposits. 

 stock condition
the MHCLG published  a report on the condition of housing stock in England, how this has changed over time, and how poor housing is distributed by tenure and household type. In 2016, 56% of the English housing stock was built prior to 1965. The age of dwellings varied by tenure. For example, dwellings in the private rented sector tended to be older, with a third (35%) built before 1919 compared with 21% of owner occupied and 7% of social rented homes. The majority (92%) of owner occupied homes were houses or bungalows (compared with 63% of private rented and 54% of social rented stock). There were very few detached houses in the social (less than 1%) or private rented sectors (6%), but a quarter (25%) of owner occupied homes were detached.

In 2016, a fifth of dwellings (20% or 4.7 million homes) failed to meet the Decent Homes Standard, down from 35% (7.7 million homes) in 2006. The private rented sector had the highest proportion of non-decent homes (27%) while the social rented sector had the lowest (13%); 20% of owner occupied homes failed to meet the standard in 2016.