Homelessness Reduction Act

Published on Sun, 1st Apr 2018 10:00

This Act comes into force on April 3rd. see a summary here.

 Whilst you might think it affects you it will.  All Local Authorities (LA) will have to deal with anyone coming to them threatened with homelessness in the next 56 days.

 This will apply to valid Section 21’s (s21) only, and 56 days is approximately the duration of a S21.  So the ways that it will have an impact on landlords are:-

  1. when a tenant goes to a LA the first thing that will happen is that the S21 will be examined closely to ensure it has been issued correctly, including all the required documentation.Whilst this will help incorrect S21’s going to court and being rejected, the fact is that landlords must ensure everything is correct about their S21’s.  We can help with that.

  2. Any tenant being evicted using a Section 8 (S8) will be deemed to be ‘intentionally homeless’ and this Act won’t apply.  Although if that tenant is especially vulnerable (egg single Mum with young children) will always be dealt with.

  3. All LA’s will be desperate for accommodation, so will be looking to private landlords for help.

Local Authorities have been issued guidance notes.