The Government announces changes to Licensing

Published on Fri, 16th Mar 2018 18:14

In addition to the recent extension of Mandatory Licensing, the Government has just announced proposals for further amendments to HMO licensing.

A draft proposal is to be put before Parliament to propose:-

  • Prescribe a mandatory licence condition for HMOs that clarifies the minimum sizes for bedrooms, in particular that a single adult must have room which is greater than 6.51 sqm and

  • Prescribe a mandatory requirement for landlords to adhere to council refuse schemes, to ensure HMO properties have adequate waste facilities.


Whilst the proposals have to be approved by Parliament it is proposed they come into force  for any licence granted on are after October 1st 2018.

 The actual proposals can be seen here, but in summary are:-

  • The sleeping accommodation for anyone over the age of 10 years must be a minimum of:-

  • 6.51 sq m for one person;

  • 10.22 sq m for two persons;
  • 4.64 sq m for one person under 10 years old;

therefore any room of less than 4.64 sq m. cannot be used for sleeping.

There will be additional conditions regarding household waste:-

  • Where the HMO is in England, a licence under Part 2 must include conditions requiring the licence holder to comply with any scheme which is provided by the local housing authority to the licence holder and which relates to the storage and disposal of household waste at the HMO pending collection.