Extension of Mandatory Licensing

Published on Mon, 26th Feb 2018 15:37

The Government has announced the expected extension to mandatory licensing.

 In a recent statutory Instrument (No 221) it was announced that mandatory licensing would apply to all HMO’s with 5 or more non-related occupants, sharing vital facilities.  This will come into place on October 1st 2018.

Currently only HMO’s with 5 or more occupants (non-related occupants, sharing vital facilities) on 3 or more stories required to be mandatory licensed.

Whilst not fully known it is anticipated that the number of the properties affected by this across England will be approx ¼ million; currently approx 60,000 properties are covered by mandatory licensing.

The Order covers any properties covered by Additional Licensing.  It suggests that any properties covered by Additional Licensing will pass-ported direct into the (new) Mandatory Licensing Scheme.  In typical legal speak it’s not completely clear that there will be no charge for this.

Note that there is no mention of Additional Licensing for properties above or below commercial.  It is not clear if this requirement has been dropped.