Right to Rent Scheme being challenged

Published on Fri, 2nd Feb 2018 14:15

There are currently two legal challenges to the Governments controversial Right to Rent  checks, whereby a landlord has to ensure all occupants of the their properties have the right to be in this country, and to rent property.

There is a judicial review of the policy being sought by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), which argues that the policy discriminates against non UK passport holders. There is also a similar legal challenge by the Camden Community Law Centre.

The JCWI has established that 51% of landlords are less likely to let to foreign nationals, because of the fear of forged documents.

Research by the BBC found that criminal gangs are using forged passports that are impossible to identify with the naked eye.

An undercover reporter for BBC Inside Out London was able to purchase fake passports, as well as National Insurance cards and residence permits, from illegal dealers across London.  

Using a secret camera, the reporter recorded the deals, with fraudsters charging up to £500 for a forged passport. Some documents arrived within 48 hours.

The forged IDs were then presented to letting agents, who were secretly filmed accepting them without question as proof of UK residency status.

The same JCWI research shows that 48% of landlords were less likely to let to someone without a British passport as a result of the scheme, due to the threat of criminal sanctions. This poses serious difficulties for the 17% of UK residents that do not have a passport.