Rent a room relief

Published on Mon, 16th Jul 2018 20:00

At the end of last year the Treasury consulted on 'Rent a Room Relief'.

They have just published the summary, which can be seen here.  Note that it calls for comments on a proposal for a new occupancy clause - see the last para below.

The Executive summary is:-

The government published a call for evidence on rent a room relief at Autumn Budget 2017 in response to changes in the private rented sector (PRS) over the last 25 years. Rent a room relief allows individuals to earn up to £7,500 tax f

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How to ... guides updated

Published on Tue, 10th Jul 2018 11:30

The Government have made some minor amendments to the How to Rent Guide issued June 26th.

We have updated the version on our web site.  Make sure you issue the correct version.

Note that you are also now unable to issue by sending the link to your tenant(s), you must now send the actual guide either by email, or physically.


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